Dr. Ralph G. McGlown, President & Founder

Our Mission
The mission of Temple Of Deliverance College of Theology is to educate men and women to attain knowledge through sound biblical tests and through anointed teaching. We endeavor to provide a Christ Centered, Spirit led, Positive Environment for our students to learn.

Our Conception
Temple of Deliverance College of Theology was conceived through a divine calling that was placed up Dr. Ralph G. McGlown’s life to teach the anointed and unadulterated word of God. In his early years with the Lord God revealed his will and purpose for his life.

In August, 2014, Temple of Deliverance College of Theology was established and it is an approved member of the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries.

Temple of Deliverance College is a bible based theological seminary with one goal: to provide a quality education to those wishing to prepare themselves to become effective witnesses for Jesus Christ, and to fulfill the great commission.